Sheer Opalescence

Content: 72% Polyester Metallic, 28% Nylon  Width: 58″ Wide

Min Purchase Qty: 25 Yards

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Sheer Opalescence is a beautiful and unique fabric that is perfect for adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to any garment or project. Made from a blend of 72% polyester metallic and 28% nylon, this fabric has a stunning shimmer and opalescent quality that catches the light beautifully.

With a width of 58 inches, Sheer Opalescence is versatile and easy to work with, making it a great choice for a wide range of projects. The sheer quality of the fabric allows it to drape beautifully, making it ideal for creating flowing, ethereal garments such as dresses and skirts.

The metallic element of the fabric gives it a subtle yet eye-catching shine, making it a popular choice for special occasion wear such as wedding dresses, evening gowns, and formal wear. Additionally, the fabric’s durability and strength make it a practical choice for creating accessories such as bags and purses.

Sheer Opalescence is available in a range of colors, from soft pastels to bold, vibrant hues, making it easy to find the perfect shade for any project. Whether you are creating a stunning wedding gown or adding a touch of glamour to your home décor, Sheer Opalescence is a beautiful and versatile fabric that is sure to impress.

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