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Established in 1929, Oriole Textile has emerged as a leading wholesaler of fabrics catering to an extensive array of clients worldwide. With over eight decades of experience in the industry, we have honed our expertise in providing superior quality wholesale fabrics to our customers. Our wide range of over 80 high-quality fabrics has earned the trust of discerning clients from various markets and industries. Our clientele encompasses a diverse range of businesses, including fabric stores, bridal shops, dressmakers, party coordinators, florists, event planners, dress manufacturers, and many others. At Oriole Textile, we strive to offer an exceptional customer experience with our extensive product range, competitive pricing, and efficient delivery services. Trust us to be your one-stop-shop for all your wholesale fabric needs.


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In case no one has told you lately,

In case no one has told you lately, I really appreciate how quick you are with all my orders. I’m a one-woman show and I never really have to follow-up much with you guys. It’s really helpful. 🙂

Rochelle Rodriguez

I want to thank you for helping me find a substitute shade of satin!

I was able to complete and ship my big order last week. I received a 5 star feedback from my happy customer. I will never forget your great favor, as well as your continued excellent service and transparency.

S. Hariri
Formal Wear-Email Feedback

I Can’t Thank You Enough!

I can't thank you enough, you guys always come through and I am so grateful. I absolutely love the broadcloth. Where has this been my whole life? Would you mind sending me a color card? Thanks again!

Marisa R.
Email Feedback

Here To Spread A Little Cheer!

Here to spread a little cheer! While our inboxes continue to be bombarded with updates and questions on CV-19, we wanted to take a second to stop and say thank you. It's been over a decade since we started working together, and it's been an awesome experience even when things were hard or plain sucked. Thank you for always being there when we need you. Thank you for looking for a solution to even the most daunting challenge even when you may not want to. Thank you for always having your listening ears on and bright whites shining when we visit. We really could go on and on. So...thank you!

Greer C.
Design Production Manager

Great Customer Service

Great customer service, prices, fabrics, color cards, prompt shipping!!!! They are so wonderful compare to the most other wholesale fabric stores online. I can tell a lot of horror stories.

Irina Lanceray

Great range and service.

Great range and service - lightning fast handling. Oriole rocks! 🙂

J. J. Satingear

We just wanted to extend our appreciation.

We just wanted to extend our appreciation to you and your staff for helping us to expedite this last drape order! It arrived today, and we are so thankful for your help with getting it to us so quickly!! Thank you again!

Jeremy, Michelle, and Kaci
Design Development Team

You’re the best.

Thanks. You're the best. I keep telling you that because it is true!!!!!

Pamela D.
Procurement & Strategic Sourcing Manager

Has anyone told you lately that you are the Gold Standard of fabric vendors?

Well you are ! We appreciate your precision and great communication practices.

Elizabeth Kerr
Costume Buyer | Creative Costuming