How many color cards can I request?

While there is no current limit to the amount of color cards one can request, we may reduce or deny the quantities if they are deemed unreasonable and or excessive.

How long before I receive my color cards?

We make every effort to process your request and mail your color cards within 24 hours. It is shipped via USPS and depending on your location, can take between 2 to 7 business days for it to arrive.

Are color card requests free?

Yes, we understand the need for our customers to see and feel their fabric of interest prior to making a purchase. We therefore offer the ability for new and existing customers to request color cards online free of charge.

How to request color cards?

To request a color card, simply browse for your fabric of interest and click the “Request Color Card” button located in the product page. Once you’ve added your desired color card(s), simply confirm the shipping address and complete your request by pressing the “Send My Request” button.